Restore Judy Garland’s 1925 Debut Opera House

Restore Judy Garland’s 1925 Debut Opera House

Are you or a loved one a huge fan of the Great Judy Garland?


at the building that she made her theatrical DEBUT in…

The Opera House in the Butler Building.

Help Restore…

The Butler Building and bring the Opera House back to life with renditions of “Over the Rainbow” and other Judy Garland classics.

Honor a Family Member or Friend…

For a birthday, holiday or special occasion by placing their name on one of the bricks on the Yellow Brick Road.

Memorialize a Loved One…

By placing their name on a brick on the Yellow Brick Road…

Buy a Brick…

Your name will be integrated into the Yellow Brick Road around the building.

As a faithful fan of Judy Garland, you can be a part of this restoration by helping us build a Yellow Brick Road. Every brick is only $100! When we get at least 1,000 bricks sold, we will begin to build the Yellow Brick Road, both outside and inside this historic building as well as continuing the planned restoration of the building.

What a unique and wonderful gift this could make, or even as a
memorial to remember a loved one.

Your name will be engraved on the brick and placed on the Yellow Brick Road. You will also receive a certificate listing your brick number (and if being given as a gift a copy of that certificate will be sent to the recipient).

Buy A Yellow Brick For $100 Here