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Butler Building Has Wi-Fi
Be a part of the restoration of The Butler Building

Yellow Brick Road Campaign

Help Restore The Butler Building

Keep The Dream Alive

Help Restore The Butler Building bringing the Opera House back to life with renditions of “Over the Rainbow” and other Judy Garland classics. Buy a Brick to memorialize someone, honor a loved one, or just for yourself.


Restaurant Space Available For Rent

Restaurant Space Available!

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Lease The Perfect Space!

Previously occupied by a coffee shop and internet café with a considerable following, the impressive space has become a popular community meeting place.

Stop by and see the space while it lasts.

Lease Information Is Available!
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The Butler Building is Ready to Host Your Next Event!

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Imagine your event in this space! Perfect for weddings, 50th anniversaries, birthday celebrations, fundraisers, concerts and more! Capacity for up to 250.

Holidays and Special Events at the Butler Building
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Your Wedding Uniquely Yours!

Visit the Butler Building to start planning the wedding of your dreams! Aitkin area businesses offer you a plethora of options to make your day special. Contact us today for more information!
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The Butler Building Is For Sale

This is a sad day for me ... I cannot keep the Butler building any longer. Between $7,000 a month for a home health aide for my husband and the Butler building expenses I


TASTY TIDBITS FROM AITKIN! And, I do mean "tasty". I had breakfast at the Birchwood Cafe this morning and had sausage and biscuits.  IT WAS BEYOND DESCRIPTION ... I wallowed in it.  These 5" biscuits


Use Giving Assistant to save money and support The Butler Project
Join now to start donating 3-30% of every purchase to The Butler Project while you shop online at places like Target, Kohl’s, and Kmart.

Business Venues

ButlerOffice Opens today at 9 a.m. 218-678-2441 Learn More
Minnesota Mobility Scooters Store Hours Vary 218-429-0028 Learn More
Heal Your Mac  I Can Heal Your Mac  Store Hours Vary
The Aitkin Chamber of Commerce M-F 10 am – 3 pm 218-927-2316 Learn More

Common Loon by Tony Costa


The Butler Building is becoming more and more popular as not only the locals come to enjoy our facilities, but so are the tourists! Join the Butler Building team for a quality, exciting and unique location so your business can take flight in ways you never thought of!

Two joined units available October 1st! Lease one or both units for your business before they get snatched up!

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your ideal office or commercial space!

Commercial Space Almost Filled! 60%

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