One of the major attractions of the Butler Building, when completely renovated, will be the heritage wall. There are so many families and organizations that have been in Aitkin for many years as well as people who, although they have moved, fondly remember their years here.

The Heritage Wall will feature 4” wide x 2” high brass plaques all along the common walkway on the first floor. You can memorialize a friend, a family member, a store, an event, whatever you want people visiting the Butler building to experience. You can have up to three lines, 15 letters per line. Each plaque is $1,000 in perpetuity.

One of the ways you can celebrate your appreciation of Aitkin and the Butler building is to invest in a heritage plaque. There are already a number of them on exhibit in the building on the wall to your left, just as you walk in, opposite The Beanery. They are 2” high x 4” wide and are brass with the objective to have memories live on forever. Some of the current plaques already up there are “Memory of Floyd Hogan”, “Malvina Newstrom Call”, “Ruth Erickson Blanich”, “Riverwood Healthcare Center”, “Jean B. Madson (daughter of Vern & Ruth Butler)” and “Dorothy Allen”. These plaques memorialize a friend, a family member, a store, an event, a business … whose memory do YOU want to live on? Only $1,000 to have a memory last forever. Create a forever memory through the purchase of one of these beautiful plaques.


*All investment options are 100% tax deductible
since no goods or services are rendered.