Sylvia Allen

Farmers Market

Every Saturday from now until Labor Day Weekend, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., the 2018 Farmers’ Market will happen at Aitkin’s most recognizable historic landmark, the Butler Building (301 Minnesota Avenue North). The weekly event is held in the Butler Building parking lot. Contact Details Farmers interested in participating can download the application, or Sylvia

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Restore Judy Garland’s 1925 Debut Opera House

Are you or a loved one a huge fan of the Great Judy Garland? You can now OWN A PIECE OF HISTORY  at the building that she made her theatrical DEBUT in... The Opera House in the Butler Building. Help Restore... The Butler Building and bring the Opera House back to life

Restore Judy Garlands 1925 Debut Opera House

Follow the Yellow Brick Road to Aitkin, MN, and help us restore the building where Judy Garland (aka Baby Gumm) performed in 1925 -- the Aitkin Opera House! We are bringing the Opera House BACK TO LIFE to relive “Over the Rainbow” and other Judy Garland classics. 50% of the renovation is done… another $999,000,