Main Level

Main Level Plans for the Butler BuildingThe main level is comprised of an assortment of retail shops
including the Beanery, an Internet café and coffee shop and a
diverse collection of shops. Those interested in leasing space are
encouraged to complete our Vendor Request Form or
Sylvia Allen @ 218 678 2441 ([email protected]). Contact us as soon as possible to discuss how you can be a part of the Butler Project!

The Upper Level

Upper Level Plans for the Butler BuildingThe upper level has been fully restored to its original splendor and is
available for events such as weddings, 50th anniversaries, fashion
shows, fund-raising celebration … any number of events where you
want to be in an exciting and beautiful event space.

The Lower Level

Lower Level Butler Building PlansThe lower level is a divine location for a quality restaurant … with
ambiance, low level lighting, a bar, quality food, entertainment …
what about The Grotto? The back portion would be perfect for a
brew pub. We’re interested in talking to restauranteurs about making
your vision for this space a reality.